Office etiquette or work life woes?

This is something that plays on my mind often. Probably more often than it should. so i’ll just throw my hands up and say Foodie gang over here- This terms gets thrown around often but yes, I am self confessing. Own ya labels now honeys!! Food food foodie I like that! Food- i love that. I adore food and when i am hungry i will eat.

I am focusing entirely on a work setting here but this can be applied to any situation. Whether it an awkward first date, social setting, or you know your out with the girls, see a cutie round they way and don’t want to devour the food in front of you or just can’t stop comparing yourself to the latest liposuction body goal ig girl. We have all been there. (Raises both hands)

Ladies why why why must we continue to allow our belly’s to rumble? Why do so many of us decline food even when hungry? What is so pretty about opening your mouth for the most minuscule portions of fork width friendly food? Because its not just to save the lipstick is it? That shit is about to be cold before you finish it. You know that right? Should we punish ourselves in our quest for perfection? 

So i sit at work and there are times i’m mindful of what i’m eating- with the office ambiance on 100, the occasional slurps of tea, coffee and the constant flow of water- what are we on today- Lemon, mint, lime sometimes strawberry.  I don’t graze, snack on only green foods. -Might have a smoothie but i’m more an all things in moderation.

Food- Yes maybe i’ll consider the odour, the strength of spice and seasoning. The overload of carbs and how inconsiderate that may be for the colleague that’s starving her body of love handles, back fat and chaffing thighs. But will that stop me from eating.. Think again. So often i catch the wondering eye, hear “oh is that all for you?” “Are you gonna eat all of that?” (No i’m just going to sit here and stare at it)

body image

To Ms Body conscious, eating all things bad just to spit them out- Girl live your life and enjoy it. That model is so photo-shopped she is questioning herself right now too. You are perfect, allow yourself some happiness. All things naughty and nice. You are beautiful.

The girl that doesn’t fit into the live, eat, breathe portion control, colour coding, set plate, no carb, low carb, high protein, Yo-yo or fad diet clique. You don’t have to hide your lunch, go out to eat or wait until they leave. Eat your food and enjoy it. -I would sit with you.  Happiness starts within, It comes from within. -How about that? You are beautiful.

I won’t ever opt for the crisp salad or soup. Don’t get me wrong i love a good salad but er can a girl get a couple sides with that or nah? But why? Why do we do it? Should we not listen to our bodies when they are hungry. Smell the ketones on our breath? Or keel over when the hunger pains grow stronger?

To anyone suffering struggling with eating disorders, body blues or low self esteem that effects their self image. -You are beautiful. I sincerely hope you find a way. My blog is very light hearted and i only touch upon my observations.  Your journey will entail dept, strength and true vulnerability. Something i cannot and have not covered in this post.

I wish you happiness and health. Whether that means reintroducing yourself to food, expanding your diet and pallet or learning to accept yourself slowly, and eventually entirely. I hope that with the right intervention, support and guidance. You find peace that one day allows you to self-nurture in all that you need to. Body mind and soul.

Sometimes a little chocolate is all we need- As i always say all things in moderation. Whether that in the office or more generally in life. Live the life you want, learn to love the person you are and if you want it eat it. Learn to love you, all that is you,  and be you apologetically. 

images loveNini Stone


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