Office etiquette or work life woes?

This is something that plays on my mind often. Probably more often than it should. so i’ll just throw my hands up and say Foodie gang over here- This terms gets thrown around often but yes, I am self confessing. Own ya labels now honeys!! Food food foodie I like that! Food- i love that. I adore food and when i am hungry i will eat.

I am focusing entirely on a work setting here but this can be applied to any situation. Whether it an awkward first date, social setting, or you know your out with the girls, see a cutie round they way and don’t want to devour the food in front of you or just can’t stop comparing yourself to the latest liposuction body goal ig girl. We have all been there. (Raises both hands)

Ladies why why why must we continue to allow our belly’s to rumble? Why do so many of us decline food even when hungry? What is so pretty about opening your mouth for the most minuscule portions of fork width friendly food? Because its not just to save the lipstick is it? That shit is about to be cold before you finish it. You know that right? Should we punish ourselves in our quest for perfection?  Continue reading Office etiquette or work life woes?


Think like a lady. Act like a man..

In an age of commitment phobs, mummy’s boys, cheaters, liars and dream sellers. Where we have more body counts, booty calls, and situations where is the room for a relationship. Friends then lovers? How about lovers and friends? I have questions a particular question:

What warrants a good woman going bad?

For me, it was a combination. Now it’s safe to say I wasn’t the most experienced in the realm of relationships. But love? I’d experienced two very different types. And by types I mean males-notice i don’t use the term men not yet anyway.  Shade aside they were my only two real testimonies that meant anything.. Honestly speaking, I started relatively late. (Let me just put that out there) So it was back in ’09 (I honestly feel like i’m about to right a life story here.. just kidding!)

download lust

Quivering from a kiss, i almost thought this was it. I placed on my rose tinted glasses and rushed to my second period, College days. College days or should i say college lay? That consequently turned into the university booty call. Free periods, early mornings and late nights, pre and post lectures too. We had been committed had being a major key, loving and always very exploratory. My body was no longer a sacred, untouched entity. You know they say the first cut is the deepest? I actually don’t think it was. Childhood sweetheart initially maybe.. More a learning curve. I remember wearing my heart on my sleeve, being so vulnerable, and as much as I hate to say it needy. He was my boyfriend and I was his girl. We continued to explore it was all new.. but as my confidence grew I noted his dismay. You see even then i was not to be better than him. We were on different pages and started to want different things..  And i forgot to mention it all came to an end when he thought the grass was greener.And that was it.

Anyway his rebound was just that and after that there were a fair few girls. He came back after potentially an entire campus. But hey honey..nuh uh!! I was certainty testing the water too…  Continue reading Think like a lady. Act like a man..

Welcome Welcome Welcome

download express yourselfWelcome to my blog. I am Nini Stone.

I aim to discuss issues that surface in my own life and others. Share experiences and shed light. This is a place for expression and discussion. I hope that for most its an easy, sometimes light hearted read. Although I may touch upon more sensitive issues…

Disclaimer: The information discussed here is not to offend. This page is not exclusively for woman. But i am to call all sisters, woman and girls.Hear me out, share your thoughts and comments.

Please take a read and leave feedback if you can!



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